Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The information contained herein has been prepared by Allpay Transfer Bilişim ve Yazılım A.Ş ("ALLPAY") for general information purposes.

Allpay Transfer Bilişim ve Yazılım A.Ş ("ALLPAY"), registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, is a company that serves its users with a digital wallet and mobile payment platform on its website with the extension and mobile application. ALLPAY owns the intellectual and industrial property rights of ALLPAY's trademarks, website and interface, all content, domain name, all software and codes running in the background, databases and all other services before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and ALLPAY is the real owner of all these intellectual and industrial property rights. In the event that ALLPAY violates these intellectual property rights, the following legal and criminal sanctions will be applied within the scope of the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 and other legislation.

Pursuant to Article 30 of the Industrial Property Law:

"Any person who produces goods or provides services, offers for sale or sells, imports or exports, purchases, possesses, transports or stores for commercial purposes, by infringing the trademark right of another person by means of quotation or misrepresentation shall be sentenced to imprisonment from one year to three years and a judicial fine up to twenty thousand days."

Pursuant to Article 149 of the Industrial Property Law:

"The right holder whose industrial property right has been infringed may request from the court the removal of the infringement and compensation for material and moral damages."

Pursuant to Article 62 of the Turkish Commercial Code:

"Those who willfully commit one of the acts of unfair competition set forth in Article 55 shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to two years or to a judicial fine for each of the acts falling within the scope of each subparagraph, upon the complaint of one of the persons entitled to bring a civil action pursuant to Article 56, unless the act constitutes another offense requiring a more severe penalty."

Pursuant to Article 56 of the Turkish Commercial Code:

"Any person whose customers, credit, professional reputation, commercial activities or other economic interests are damaged or who may face such a danger due to unfair competition; a) Determination of whether the act is unfair, b) Prohibition of unfair competition, c) Elimination of the material situation resulting from unfair competition, correction of these statements if the unfair competition is made with false or misleading statements, and if it is inevitable for the prevention of infringement, destruction of the means and goods effective in the commission of unfair competition, d) If there is a defect, compensation for loss and damage, e) in the presence of the conditions stipulated in Article 58 of the Turkish Code of Obligations, moral compensation."

ALLPAY will be able to use its rights and all legal rights to provide better and sustainable service to you, our valued Users, without prejudice to its rights regarding surplus.