Explicit Consent Text Within The Scope of The Law on The Protection of Personal Data

Within the framework of the User Agreement, General Clarification Text and the Company's Regulation on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data, presented by ALLPAY Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi ("ALLPAY" or "Company") in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("KVKK"); I have been informed about the transactions carried out through the application.

In order to be used in all kinds of services to be provided to me, to identify my identity accurately and in accordance with the legislation and to prevent all kinds of illegal money movements, my personal data may be processed by automatic or non-automatic methods, depending on the service provided by ALLPAY and ALLPAY's commercial activities; I hereby accept and declare that I have given my explicit consent within the framework of the LPPD for my personal data to be collected verbally, in writing or electronically by automatic or non-automatic methods, through ALLPAY's working units, website, mobile application, call center, phone calls, SMS records, e-mail addresses, social media channels, mobile applications and similar means and to continue to be updated and processed during the period I benefit from the products and services offered and/or within the legal periods.

ALLPAY as the data controller of personal data or by data processors authorized by ALLPAY by taking the necessary security measures; Providing the products and services offered by the Company to its customers without any problems, providing products or services in a reliable and uninterrupted manner and maximizing customer satisfaction, performing various transactions related to the aforementioned services, conducting and developing operations, performing financial transactions, identity information, address information, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, which are directly or indirectly related to the purposes of promotional, marketing, advertising, campaign and survey activities of the products and services or different products and services mentioned, informing users about opportunities, campaigns and fulfilling the requirements of the contracts concluded with the users, ALLPAY employees, officers, domestic and foreign business partners, shareholders, legally authorized public institutions and organizations, domestic independent audit companies, survey companies, servers that receive information technology support at home and abroad in order to carry out their activities, within the framework of legal obligations and legal limitations, that ALLPAY may securely store, transfer, process or prevent the use of data in a physical or digital environment to electronic storage media such as hosting companies, programs, clouds, business partners and service providers from whom ALLPAY receives or works with for the execution of the services and/or activities to be provided to me; I hereby accept and declare that I have been informed by ALLPAY regarding the above-mentioned matters and that I have given my explicit consent within the framework of the LPPD.

All of my personal data received by ALLPAY, provided that it is bound by the above-mentioned purposes, by the Company; persons, institutions and/or organizations required/permitted by the applicable legislation, business partners, all authorities and channels required for the execution of the User Agreement, public legal entities and authorities authorized to receive personal data such as Courts, Public Prosecutor's Offices, BRSA, CMB, MASAK, BKM, domestic/foreign affiliates of the Company; companies operating in the capacity of intermediary/agency, third parties from whom and to whom services are received and provided to carry out the activities of the Site and Mobile Application, institutions, organizations, domestic/foreign banks, funds, cooperating organizations with which the Company cooperates and which are program partners of the Company, I hereby accept and declare that I give my explicit consent to the transfer of my personal data to domestic/foreign/international organizations from which I receive services/support/consultancy or with which I am a project/program/financing partner and to organizations from which I receive independent audit and support services due to legal obligations but within the framework of legal limitations.

I also accept and declare that the personal data I have shared with the Company are accurate and up-to-date; that I have the capacity to act and that I am of the age I have specified; that I will immediately notify the Company of any changes in this information; that ALLPAY may unilaterally make changes to the Policy and other rules, and that I will be informed by carefully reading the notifications to be made to me.

I hereby accept and declare that I have given my explicit consent to the processing of my personal data within the scope of the LPPD, to the use and sharing of my personal data limited to the purpose of processing as described in the relevant process, and to the storage of my personal data for the required period of time, and that the necessary information has been provided to me in this regard; I hereby accept and declare that I have read and understood this text and the ALLPAY Personal Data Protection Privacy Policy.